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  1. Mitchell

    Looks like a great little pod can not wait to see it. Keen to try the mesh coil

    • Thanks for your support!

    • Hi, it will available in Element vape and My vapor store next week. please keep tuned.

  2. TerryT

    When will it be released in the US? Can’t find it anywhere.

    • Hi Terry,element vape and my vapor store will release it next week. then other stores will release.

  3. Darren

    Are they in the UK yet

    • Hi Darren, not yet, but it will available in the UK soon. please keep tuned.

  4. Tony

    Is this one compatible with the nautilus bvc coils also?

    • Hi Tony, no it compatible with spryte BVC coils.

  5. Greg

    Coil material? Kanthal?

    • Yes, Kanthal A1

  6. Justin

    Are you guys selling them right now on this website?

    • Hi Justin, our website doesn’t have a store yet.

      • Justin

        Where can I get a pal 2 at?

  7. Jackie Sanders

    I have checked the 4 sites that were told to me that would have them on the 18th….and they’re still not on there! I NEED this NOW!!

    • Hi Jackie, sorry for the delay. We plan on the 18th, but the shipping time has increased. it will available asap. thanks for your support!

  8. Tyler Blundell

    Are there any other coils compatible with this device?

    • Hi, it compatible with Aspire Spryte BVC Coils.

  9. steve

    when is it going to be released?
    I pre-ordered at heaven’s gift and heard it was going to be shipped this week
    but they suddenly changed saying it’s gonna be next year….
    what’s going on? i need to know what happened

    • Hi Steve, it had been released. Elementvape and myvaporstore had available now. Perhaps it’s the shipping issue.

  10. Estevan

    Im interested in purchasing a pal 2 when will it be available in the us ?

    • Hi, Elementvape and myvaporstore are available.

  11. Ryan

    Can you use 50mg salt nic in the mesh coil?

    • Hi Ryan, we suggest you use the ≤20mg nic salt in the mesh coil, or you can use 50mg nic salt in the 1.2ohm MTL coil.

  12. Ryan

    If i use 50 in the mesh will it burn out the coil quicker or will it last just as long?

    • Ryan, it won’t affect the coil lifetime. if you use 50 in mesh, just the nic salt output will too strong.

  13. Stephen Ritchie

    Hello there how do u adjust voltage on this pal 2 mod,please let me know thanks.

    • Hi, Pal 2 couldn’t be regulated, it’s direct output power.

  14. Paul


    Is it constant wattage or is it like a “bypass mode” like a mech device?

    • Hi Paul, it’s like a “bypass mode”.

  15. Tak

    Hi, How Mach is the product weight with pod?

    • Hi, the pal2 is 76g.

  16. Mat

    Man, so close to perfect. All that’s needed is adjustable wattage or at least consistent wattage. I hate how the loss of battery decreases the wattage and vape performance. Just need to a few selectable options like what Innokin did with the EQ or DV.

    That’s the dream, 1000 mah, coils for both MTL and sub ohm DL, adjustable air and power settings in a attractive portable device.

    • Thanks, Mat.

  17. steve

    hi if i’m in South Korea
    where can i buy this?

  18. American Graffiti

    I have the Pal2 since a few days ago. With the 0,6ohm mesh you got a smooth and warm vapor, plenty of flavor and good airflow for DTL vaping. If you close the airflow you can also use as MTL if you prefer.

    During your puff you should notice a little voltage drop. I like it. It’s starts hard so the kanthal mesh can reach temperature and then it’s drops a little after 2-3 seconds… for me it’s a pleasure sensation.

    Works great with 70/30 liquids, but you loose some throat hit compared with 50/50. In my case I vape with just 10mg/ml salt liquid, but I prove it with 20mg/ml salt and it’s not excessive the throat hit.

    Cons… I should prefer a clearer pod so it’s difficult to see the liquid level… furthermore when you are refilling it.

  19. Hye Artery. I just got my Artery Pal II. It’s was a AMAZING device though. I already love it. I have a suggestion for you. If you can design a catridge with 510 drip tip compatible, the Artery Pal II is more than better. Thank you for a great device Artery <3

    • Thanks for your suggestion, Emirul.

  20. Francis

    Hi, is this device constant wattage? Or does it get weaker the lower the battery gets? Thanks.

    • Hi Francis, it hasn’t constant wattage, it’s direct output power.

  21. Eric Jones

    Hey Artery, just wondering if the Aspire Spryte BVC Coils use the same woodpulp cotton? Is there an alternative to the mesh coils aswell?

    • Hi Eric, the spryte bvc coil doesn’t use woodpulp cotton. The 1.2Ω MTL coil is a regular coil.

  22. Jack

    Hi, is this regulated or the same as mech mod?

    • Hi Jack, it’s unregulated, but it has protection, more like the “bypass mode”.

  23. tom

    why current max charge is 800mah???

    • Hi Tom, because the bigger charging current probably makes the device overheat and affect the battery life.

  24. Tenging

    Hello. If I want to use 35mg salt nic, which coil is suitable?

    • Hi, we suggest the 1.2Ω MTL coil.

  25. Jordan Buhler

    Which Coil is best for Salt nic usage

    • Hi Jordan, the 1.2Ω MTL coil is better for salt nic.

  26. Filippo

    best charging with 1A or 500mAh charger? I can’t find an exactly 800mAh charger 🙂 Thanks. Filippo

    • Hi, 800mAh is the max charge current. You can use the 500mAh charger.

  27. Jeff

    I recently purchased a Pal2 the coils that came with it did not last I purchased some Aspire spryte bvc coils and it is flooding with them. Already sent an email to your customer service and have not had any response yet.

    • Hi Jeffery, sorry for the issue. but “” had replied to your email yesterday, please check it. About the issue, We wonder how long the original coils last you, as for the aspire BVC coils, we are sorry that we don’t know it could have flooding issue, and I wonder how many aspire bvc coils you tired which have the flooding issue.

      • Jeff

        Thank you for getting in contact with me about the issue. The 1.2ohm coil lasted about 3 or 4 days and the mesh coil lasted about a week. I am using 24mg salt nic and the flavor was awesom especially with the mesh coil but they stopped wicking then they were burned.

        • Jeff

          Apparently I had gotten 2 bad coils I just swapped another coil this morning and no more flooding.

  28. Filippo

    Ok, thanks for the reply. So a 1A charger can damage my precious PAL 2?

    • Hi, I just confirmed it. 1A charger won’t damage Pal2, it has protection. You can continue to use the 1A charger.
      the max 800mah means even you use 1A charge, the input current still will be 800mah, we had set it in the chip. So you can use the 1A charger.

  29. Minh Lê

    How do I change my pal v2’s battery? When I fully recharge ( The blue light is off ) I try to take a hit but the light turn to red and flicked 3 times. I think the battery may have some troubles 😕

    • Hi, the red light flicked 3 times means the atomizer is not connected. Please check the pod or the coil whether connected effectively. If you still have any question, please feel free to contact us at or

  30. Mike

    How do you know when the battery is running low

    • Hi Mike, when the LED shows the red light, it means the battery only 5%-15%.

  31. Tony

    I recently purchased a Pal2, i’ve used it for a week, my 2 mesh coils lasted only 2 days, i wonder can you fix the coil lifetime?

    • Tony

      P/s: i refilled it 2 times, the third time mesh coil die

      • Hi Tony, what kind of e-juice you used? how much e-juice each day?

  32. fazil

    hi . why the red light bip 5 times when i hold the button for inhale smoke ?

  33. mike tyson

    how to k ow when battery is fully charged ?

    • Hi Mike, LED light will turn off when the battery is fully charged.


    My pal 2 not fireup when i press the button. It blink red for three time.. Can u help me.. Tq

    • Hi, the three times red light means the atomizer is not connected. Please check your pod or the coil to confirm the effective connection.

  35. haziqthesuperman

    how can i get this artery pal 2 in malaysia?

    • Hi, you can get it in Vape69 site.

  36. John

    Is there a reset button on this mod?
    After done charging and unplug the charger the unit still think its charging.
    How to fix this problem?

    • Hi John, it hasn’t reset button. Is the LED light flash to let you think its still charging or what happened? we need more detail about it.

  37. adi

    can i use freebabse ejuice on .6 ohm coil?

  38. Masa

    Hi, what is the material of POD?
    Do you crack even if you put citrus liquid?

    • Hi Masa, it’s PCTG. Generally, it won’t crack.

  39. amri

    how long 0.6 mesh coil can use ?

    • Generally, it can use 18ml ejuice.

  40. Lisa M joyce

    ive got a suggestion the guys at work love my artery and i already own a couple of different vape pens and tanks. My artery was like 65,00 with the ejuices i picked it was apple crisp and the starburst was free and the pod was 3.75 with the free coils. would you consider doing like a t-shirt deal with the purchase of an artery 2 and a pod. they guys at work said they would go for it if a t-shirt or hat or both was in the deal thats ow they got their smok vapes with a t-shirt deal and thety dont like their smok device anymore they got first degree burns with those things as did i and the same thing with the compaq s series i was given a free replacement and they paid the dr bills in exchange for not suing them. im not new to vaping but when you follow directions to the letter and still get hurt thats ridiculous. anyways i jst thought id suggest this. i got my artery vaporbusters 2 in lebanon tn

    • Thanks for your support and your kind suggestions.

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