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  1. Mitchell

    Looks like a great little pod can not wait to see it. Keen to try the mesh coil

    • Thanks for your support!

    • Hi, it will available in Element vape and My vapor store next week. please keep tuned.

  2. TerryT

    When will it be released in the US? Can’t find it anywhere.

    • Hi Terry,element vape and my vapor store will release it next week. then other stores will release.

  3. Darren

    Are they in the UK yet

    • Hi Darren, not yet, but it will available in the UK soon. please keep tuned.

  4. Tony

    Is this one compatible with the nautilus bvc coils also?

    • Hi Tony, no it compatible with spryte BVC coils.

  5. Greg

    Coil material? Kanthal?

    • Yes, Kanthal A1

  6. Justin

    Are you guys selling them right now on this website?

    • Hi Justin, our website doesn’t have a store yet.

      • Justin

        Where can I get a pal 2 at?

  7. Jackie Sanders

    I have checked the 4 sites that were told to me that would have them on the 18th….and they’re still not on there! I NEED this NOW!!

    • Hi Jackie, sorry for the delay. We plan on the 18th, but the shipping time has increased. it will available asap. thanks for your support!

  8. Tyler Blundell

    Are there any other coils compatible with this device?

    • Hi, it compatible with Aspire Spryte BVC Coils.

  9. steve

    when is it going to be released?
    I pre-ordered at heaven’s gift and heard it was going to be shipped this week
    but they suddenly changed saying it’s gonna be next year….
    what’s going on? i need to know what happened

    • Hi Steve, it had been released. Elementvape and myvaporstore had available now. Perhaps it’s the shipping issue.

  10. Estevan

    Im interested in purchasing a pal 2 when will it be available in the us ?

    • Hi, Elementvape and myvaporstore are available.

  11. Ryan

    Can you use 50mg salt nic in the mesh coil?

    • Hi Ryan, we suggest you use the ≤20mg nic salt in the mesh coil, or you can use 50mg nic salt in the 1.2ohm MTL coil.

  12. Ryan

    If i use 50 in the mesh will it burn out the coil quicker or will it last just as long?

    • Ryan, it won’t affect the coil lifetime. if you use 50 in mesh, just the nic salt output will too strong.

  13. Stephen Ritchie

    Hello there how do u adjust voltage on this pal 2 mod,please let me know thanks.

    • Hi, Pal 2 couldn’t be regulated, it’s direct output power.

  14. Paul


    Is it constant wattage or is it like a “bypass mode” like a mech device?

    • Hi Paul, it’s like a “bypass mode”.

  15. Tak

    Hi, How Mach is the product weight with pod?

    • Hi, the pal2 is 76g.

  16. steve

    hi if i’m in South Korea
    where can i buy this?

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