1. Joe

    Where are the changeable covers? I have been waiting for months.

    • Hey Joe, the Pal is available now.

  2. Wade

    What is coin inside the box? Mine has lucky 68 on it?

    • hey, the coin is used for unscrewing the 510 threading and take off the coil.

  3. Tomas

    Hey, so I got a artery pal ail, and I also received a coin and someone else that baught one didn’t have a coin, I was just wondering if it was something special??

    • Hi Tomas, the coin is used for unscrewing the 510 threading and take off the coil.

  4. Hyeong Jun Kim

    I want to buy it

  5. Brian

    I have a couple of these devices and love them!!!

    I want to buy the carbon fiber cover and the red/black design covers.

    No one is selling them.

    Can I buy them from you? Or do you know what distributor has them?

    Thank you for your help

    • Hey Brian, now the pal is available in HeavenGifts.

  6. Irene Maccabruni

    I bought an artery pal Black: Can I order here a new coloured cover? I’m in Italy.

    • sorry Irene, the panel will not be sale separately.

  7. Joseph Norell

    This is the BEST “ALL IN ONE” Device I have Ever Used. I Own about a dozen (12) from other companies that are NOT as Satisfying As THE PAL. The battery lasts me ALL DAY so far I have only had it a week. But I don’t leave anywhere WITHOUT IT. IT’S PERFECT FOR ME. I AM AN “OLD SCHOOL” Vaporor. I Do Not SUB-OHM. AND I LOVE IT

    • Thanks for your support. We have a pal mini will be released. It’s pod system. You will surprise with it. please stay tuned.

  8. Lance

    Love your product. recently purchased a pal kit as my very first vaping experience. works great, easy to fill and maintain. Long battery life in a convenient package. The only question I have is when will replacement coils/atomizers and seals be available for separate purchase? Again thank you for making a quality all in one product.

    • Hey Lance, the coil is same as the coil of LadyQ. You could search ladyq coil in online store.

  9. Dan

    Do you have any sellers in Europe (not China) by any chance I am looking all over for it

  10. Wayne

    When will you be selling just the doors?

    • sorry Wayne, the panel will not be sale separately.

  11. So sad. All the covers they show and won’t sell. All you can get is red, black and grey. I’ll paint it myself. Artery, quit advertising the covers if you won’t sell them!

    • Hi Scott, you can get new cover version in VapeWild, HeavenGift or BuyBest. All of them are selling it.

  12. Myles

    I need two magnets or can i purchase replacement panels. Like carbon or resin

    • sorry Myles, the panel will not be sale separately.

  13. Matt Dunsford

    Will there ever be an rba section made for this?

    • Thanks for your suggestion. but I afraid it won’t happen.

  14. Max

    How can j see if is old or new version?

    • Hi Max, with the new version,you can see the airflow is above USB port.

  15. Aldo D'Orso

    Where i can find the new verion in an online shop? Do you have any suggestion?

    • Hi, Vapewild site and Heavengifts site are selling it.

  16. lambert white

    where do I order coils for the pal?

    • Hi Lambert, you can find it in Heavengifts site. and the pal compatible with Nautilus coil.

  17. Hello,
    I own the your Pal kit (new version) all was well about the product, in fact i love it so much began looking at other products you make. To say the least your band left a outstanding impression on me. However, waking up this morning my device blinks red X3 when the fire button is pressed. I tried charging the device, a blue light comes on when pugged in and turns off almost seconds after. I’m not able to vape as I please anymore. I’m wondering what’s wrong with the device and if i just wasted $40.00 on a poorly manufactured device

    • Hi Tony, we’re so sorry about the issue. we can’t contact you by your email address in past days. please send the detail of the issue and your invoice to If it can’t be fixed, we will send you a new one.

  18. Seo

    I bought a new version.
    However, steam and liquid leaks from the new version of the new hole.
    Do you know how to fix it?
    Or is it defective?

    • Hi Seo, sorry for your trouble. we improve the airflow system to decrease the leaking. but the phenomenon couldn’t be completely eliminated. hope to get your understanding.

  19. Andrey Janishewskiy

    How compatible is PAL with alternative RBA, RDA and Bullet Box adapters?

    • Hi Andrey, the pal kit can only compatible with the Aspire Nautilus Coil.

  20. Adam stone

    Where can I get a new tank (new version) mine has a crack in it

    • Sorry Adam, we don’t have retailers selling it.

      • Adam stone

        So I have no way of getting a new tank, and my device is useless now

  21. Andrey Janishewskiy

    Greetings again. Could you explain how you improved the airflow in the second version?
    He seems too free to me. If I close the hole on the side, then the thrust becomes much better.
    In the first version of the traction was the same, or tighter?

    • Hi Andrey, we change the inner hole to the side to decrease the leaking. and they are the same.

  22. Matt

    Is there a way I can get a replacement for the coin adapter I lost it so can’t fill or replace coil

    • Hi Matt, you can use any coin to screw it.

  23. tyler

    hi I have the old pal how much is the new one in Canada I’m sick of my tank leaking all the time

    • Hi, which product do you mean? You can check the price by HeavenGifts site.

  24. wert

    pal coil how long to use

    • It can use about 15ml e-juice.

  25. Jackson Hartmann

    Hey artery, I’ve had my device fir over a year and it’s always worked beautifully,. Although this morning I tried to hit it and it cycled through all the led colors, red, purple, blue. And did not hit. And ideas?

    • Hi Jackson, probably the battery was damaged.

  26. gibsy

    im using pal one almost a month, but today the red light 3x and cannot firing. what happen? please i need to smoke it right now

    • Hi, Red light 3X means the atomizer isn’t connected, please check the coil and the tank to confirm connective effectively.

  27. Dustin Bronn

    I just recently received this and was curious if it is salts capable.

    • Hi Dustin, yeah it can use salts juice.

  28. Azahar

    Dear sir
    I have bought one of artery pal 2 for 6 month now i facing some difficulty regarding charging issued, when i charge the unit it just blink the light once or twice and then it go off like the battery is full. But when on the led is in red color, what the problem,

    • Hi, how many times does the red light flash?

  29. Jay

    My artery pal 2 got a problem.. Been using less than a month and its working well.. But today when I fire up its blink 3 times and it won’t fire.. the battery is blue charging.. Perhaps u can help me what’s the problem..

    • Hi Jay, blinking 3 times means the atomizer is not connected. Please check the coil and pod to confirm connect.

  30. Azasham


    I have some issues with Pal 2

    1) 0.6 ohm occ with freebase juice i can feel the heat on the mouth piece. I could also felt the mouth piece a bit warm with my fingers.
    2) 1.2 ohm occ salt nic there was a poppin issues (like fire crackers although not like fire cracker loud).

    Pls advice.

    • Hi, sorry for the issue. We are improving them and will release the 1.0ohm coil within 1-2 weeks. It will between in them.

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