1. Chris

    I want one of these artery pal mini kits when are they for sale please?

    • Hi Chris, HeavenGifts is pre-order now.


    When will the replacement coil and tanks be available?

    • Hi, the replacement pod is available.

  3. Brian

    What is the difference between the standard and tpd versions?

    • Hi Brain, they are the same.

  4. Domenico

    Where you by the new coils?

    • Hi Domenico, you can get it in Heavengifts.

  5. Myles

    Can i use my own cartridges to put inside of these?

    • Hi Myles, sorry it can’t.

  6. J

    Are the coils proprietary? Are there any us vendors carrying them at this time?

    • yes, there are some online shops are selling the coils, like HeavenGifts or other sites. you can get it by them.

  7. I need to get another glass cover for my Artery the glass that covers the juice that you put in it and it’s located undet the cover that comes off

    • Hi, the package of pal kit included a replacing glass cover, the pal mini kit hasn’t glass. they are two different products.

  8. Where can I get replacement glass for my Artery Pal

    • sorry Cynthia, we don’t have retailers selling it.

  9. Caleb

    I have one of these kits however, it keeps dry hitting. The coil seems to burn out and I’m using 50/50 as well as tried a 60/40 all salt nicotine juices. Unfortunately the air bubbles on the cotton holes and sticks due to the inner diameter of the coil being so close to the glass. The design is really awesome and battery life is insane, I would love to get this device into top performance is there any advice on what next to do?

    The ceramic didn’t last the way it should and found the cotton wick to give more flavour but both pods burn out way to fast due to a design flaw in the pods.

    • Hi sorry for the issue, we recommended you use the e-juice of below 40VG. Because of the VG too high to make the e-juice can’t be absorbed soon.

  10. Jeremy Driskell

    Did you discontinue the pal mini? Cant find replacement coils anywhere.

    • Hi Jeremy, it’s out of stock now. we are improving it and it will available soon. please keep tuned.

  11. Jose

    Did you have an estimate for the release on the new improved coils?

    • Hi Jose, it has released in HeavenGifts site.

  12. Hugo

    Como puedo comprarlo?

    • Hi, you can find it on HeavenGifts site.

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