1. Roberto Yelton

    This kit looks really very nice, would love to own one.

  2. Mike Gebbia

    Any retailers in the USA that carry the PAL ONE PRO KIT ?

    Is it available now ?

    • Hi Mike, not yet, but soon. Please keep tuned.

    • Jay

      Hey, I just found a pre-sale for the Artery Pal One kit at ECig City. Just thought I’d share with you. I’m interested in it too.

  3. Ho già un Kit Pal, e mi piacerebbe avere questo one pro.
    come posso fare per averlo.

    • Hi Spartaco, you can get it in Puffcigarette site.

    • Andrea

      In italia la trovi negli store Puff

  4. Ciao , vorrei congratularmi con voi per la ONE PRO , veramente un buonissimo prodotto .
    Vorrei acquistare il voto tanck da 3ml dove lo posso trovare io sono della provincia di Macerata nelle Marche Italia ciao e grazie

    • Hi Marco, the kit of pal one pro only 2ml, you can get the 3ml replacement tank of one pro to replace it. both of them could be found in Puffcigarette site and puff store.

  5. Filippo

    Hi where I can find this in UK?

    • Hi, sorry it hasn’t yet been available in the UK. Please keep tuned.

  6. Dom

    Hi ! it works very well, but when i changed the coil, the machine stop working and it flash (red), fully charge, new coil..
    Do you know what it mean ? thanks !!

    • Hi, there are two possibilities, one is the coil doesn’t connect success, you can rescrew it. the other one is the coil has some wrong, pls use another new coil.

  7. Brian

    Can you guys provide a date when they will be available in America.


    • Hi Brian, sorry we cannot confirm the date, you can get it by HeavenGift site now.

  8. David S

    I’m having THE HARDEST TIME deciding between this and the PAL 2. Does either of them have constant power output, or are both direct power? Does the Pro have available mesh coils? Thank you.

    • Hi David, both of them are direct output power. the one pro doesn’t have mesh coils.

      • David S

        When will these be available in the USA?

  9. daniele

    Ciao ragazzi, io la comprerò da Smo-King li conosco e mi hanno detto che è in arrivo.

  10. Shane

    This kit looks amazing. Something finally to compete with the billet box, but is affordable. Great job, but I really think the market would have went crazy for this if it was single 18650 and a rebuildable attachment like the BB.

    • Hi, thanks for your suggestions.

  11. Ernest Tricarico

    Please advise on USA seller’s of the pro

    • Hi, you can get it by eCig-City site.

  12. Ray Klay

    Hi ,is the pal one pro available in the uk? I have tried to buy from 3fvape on pre order but they are now saying it is not being manufactured.thanks.

    • Hi Ray, you can get it by vapegeek site.

  13. What’s the resistance range?
    Can the Pal One Pro use a 0.4 Ω coil?

    • Hi, the resistance range is >0.3Ω. yes, you can try the 0.4Ω coil.

  14. Ian

    The pro version looks amazing, but unfortunately, only the Pal II replacement coils are available in my country, (Switzerland).
    Are the ONE PRO and the PAL II coils compatible?
    I’m really impressed by the PRO ONE version. Looks much more performant than any other pod system, with more features! 🙂

    • Hi, the ONR PRO compatible with aspire nautilus bvc coils, the PAL II compatible with aspire spryte bvc coil.


    I want to buy Artery Pal One Pro. where can i buy? post to Malaysia? buy online.

    • Hi, you can get it by HeavenGifts site.

  16. Jim

    Any way to keep it from leaking through the airflow? I’ve tried three different coils and they all leak.

    • Hi Jim, it is the condensation. We can’t avoid it completely. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  17. Jerimee

    Any update as to when it will be released in the US?

    • Hi Jerimee, it’s available in ECIGCITY site.

      • Jerimee

        It’s only pre-order on that site…

      • Jerimee

        Why is it still pre-order?

  18. Pietro

    Hi I bought your one pro and I can say that it warks very well! I have a question:
    Which kind of coil is possible to use?
    In the package I found one coil of 0,7 end one of 1,2. Can a try with 1.8?
    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi, thanks for your support. Sure you can try with 1.8.

  19. Yil

    Cant this pal one pro use salt nic over 35 mg

  20. Jason

    How can I purchase these products I don’t see any information

    • Hi Jason, you can get it by HeavenGifts site.

  21. coil

    Where to buy 1.2 ohm coils ???

    • HeavenGifts site is selling it.

  22. Jambalaya

    Does the One Pro tank kit also fit in the PAL AIO?

  23. amran

    is artery pal 2 coil compatible with this pal one pro?

    • Sorry, it doesn’t compatible.

  24. Jurnie

    Where can I buy any of these products?

    • Hello,sir ,you can buy it from our website.

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