1.Artery Quality Statement and After -Sale Service

Shenzhen Artery Technology Co; ltd Quality Statement and After -Sale Service Product Warranty Period The warranty period for Tank ,Box Mod is 120 days from the day you receive it .Coils and other accessories are not listed in the After-sale Service. After-Sale Service for customers who directly order from Artery: 1.For products in warranty period ,please contact ,you may need send us pictures ,videos or report to show your product issues ,once we confirm the issues belong to us ,we will arrange the replacement. *If the issues can be solved by replacing accessories ,we will send you the accessories with your new order. *If the issues can’t be solved by replacing accessories ,we will send you the new product with your new order . *If the replacement are needed in a hurry ,please consult with the salesman. 2.For products are not in warranty period or the issues are not our responsibility ,we can offer free instructions or offer you replacement with some fee,the shipping fee is on your side. After-Sale Service for customers who are not directly order from Artery : 1.Please firstly confirm the product you bought is a authentic Artery product ,you can land the exclusive site: to check it out . 2.If the product is confirmed a authentic Artery product,please contact ,you may need send us receipt ,pictures ,videos or report to show your product issues ,once we confirm the issues belong to us ,we will arrange the replacement.

2.How to Upgrade the Nugget support stainless steel temperatur?

GREAT NEWS!!! The Nugget will support the stainless steel temperature control now, if you want to update the function, you need to upgrade the firmware to ARTERY_NUGGET_USER_ 2016031801 NOTICE You have to use the upgrade USB cable(with data transfer function) for the upgrading.If you don’t have this cable please order from DOWNLOAD Upgrade Tool Please follow the Nugget Upgrade Manual step by step to finish the upgrade.

3.Warranty Policy

Artery Vapor offers friendly warranty policy to all distributors and wholesalers who sell authentic Artery Vapor products. But please note that our warranty policy only applies to those customers (Artery Vapor distributors and wholesalers) who purchase from Artery Vapor directly. For those who purchase our products from the third party, please contact your direct supplier for consultant. If you have any questions regarding our products, please email us at We provides all of our business partners and other authorized distributors with a standard 90-day warranty for all Artery Vapor devices, not including atomizers or accessories. In order to get warranty for Artery Vapor products, please choose reputable vendors and be aware of the warranty policy before you purchase. FAQ: Q: My device is broken, can Artery Vapor replace for me directly? A: Please kindly understand that our customers are located in different countries worldwide, therefore the shipping cost could be very expensive and sometimes even much more than the device itself, also the shipping may take a long time from China to other countries. Given the reasons we mentioned above, our warranty policy only applies to our distributors, it’s much more convenient for you to return or replace you defective devices from local vendors or trustful online vendors. So in case you received a defective product, please contact your direct supplier for support.

4.Who are Artery?

We are a family run electronic cigarette company based in Shenzhen, China. Our passion for these products and first hand experience of how effective they are for quitting cigarettes lead us to set up this shop. We pride ourselves in selling only the highest quality electronic cigarettes and accessories while offering competitive prices, great customer service and after sales care. is the destination devoted to bringing customers the best electronic cigarette products at the best possible value. Our website feature many premium electronic cigarette products that can satisfy both experienced and new users alike. Established in 2015, Artery Vapor has been based in Shenzhen, China, the heart of the vaping industry. We have been dedicated to producing the up to date and popular products to our customers, while ensuring the good quality and enviroment-friendly material. If you looking for a new partner to satisfy your needs, why not choose Artery Vapor? We are a professional supplier of experienced design team who understand the needs of what you are looking for.

5.What is an atomizer?

An atomizer is the heating element in an electronic cigarette. It’s used to change liquids into vapor. It has tiny filaments similar to the filament in a light bulb. When activated the filament heats up and any liquid in the chamberis changed into vapor. This vapor can then be inhaled and exhaled like the smoke in a traditional cigarette.

6.What is the difference between the Low Resistance and Normal?

The difference between the normal and Low Resistance atomizers is the temperature. The Low Resistance atomizers reach a hotter temp a lot faster than the normal atomizers and it results in more vapor and throat hit, but the flavor is not as clean. The Low Resistance atomizers also use more power so they require more frequent charging, but it is not a big difference. Our atomizers have proven to be just as durable as the normal atomizers as well.

7.Does vaping taste the same as smoking tobacco?

There are an infinite number of flavours available so you can replicate a tobacco flavour if you want. Quality vape gear can easily replicate smoking from the throat hit, flavour and head rush from the nicotine. If your device does not do this then – you may have the wrong strength nicotine or the device is no good or the liquid is no good.

8.Which payment methods do you accept?

T/T transfer/Paypal etc.

9.How do I choose the vaping product that’s right for me?

We always recommend starting with one of our starter kits which you can find here After using a starter kit you will be in the best position to know whether you would benefit from upgrading in the future depending on your vaping preferences.

10.What do I need to get started?

We recommend that you purchase one of our kits that come complete with everything you need to get started. In addition, we recommend that you purchase extra eLiquid with your kit to ensure that you have sufficient supplies.